American Immigration Forums’ mission is to engage the public in an immigration-based dialogue in order to help policy makers create policies that reflect the voices of the public.  

Founded in 2011 by Bellevue Councilmember and former Mayor Conrad Lee, American Immigration Forums is a community organization designed to involve the collective in discussions regarding the increasingly important issues surrounding American immigration.

By working with our peers in a grassroots effort, our student-led team values a place where the community can feel comfortable discussing mutual concerns and experiences—where every voice matters.  


American Immigration Forums has previously engaged the community through the creation and distribution of opinionnaires regarding current American immigration policies. The responses of these surveys not only create discussion centered around underlying opinions in the community, but also highlight what should be changed or augmented in immigration policy. After the completion of each survey, the American Immigration Forums team then proceeds to create a report, analyzing demographics and responses to generate meaningful recommendations and conclusions.

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American Immigration Forums has engaged the public by gathering the community to discuss topics and issues currently affecting American immigration. Some topics include: refugee status, visas, birthright citizenship, and the integration of immigrants into our local communities and our national identity.

By creating a space for participants to share their experiences and stories, American Immigration Forums works to bring multiple perspectives and viewpoints to the discussion, representing the multifaceted and diverse society that we live in today.

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Immigrants experience first hand the troubles and issues plaguing the current American immigration process. Through sharing stories, not only can the public learn and appreciate the myriad of perspectives in our society, but also can gain new understanding of viewpoints they may not have considered previously. These stories are inspiring, electrifying, and transforming.

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The community is the root of what can grow into a prosperous and wholesome society. American Immigration Forums recognizes the prominence of cultural communities and organizations similarly concerned towards a better future. In accordance, we attempt to connect with these groups in order to reach a society where we all work towards a similar goal. With the power of many, the barriers to communication can be lifted.

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