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America is a nation of immigrants. Immigration affects our national security, shapes our social fabric and impacts our economy.

In order to make real progress, the dialogue must be broadened.

The American Immigration Forums attempts to begin such a dialogue. We do this by encouraging a welcoming community-based process where everyone who wants to can enter into the conversation.
However, without community support, this process cannot be utilized to its full potential. Your participation in this process is critical for its success.

Thank you for strengthening community dialogue and engagement on this timely national issue!


Mayor of Bellevue, Conrad Lee

Honorable Conrad S. Lee, Elected Councilmember and Former Mayor, City of Bellevue
(this is a volunteer community program of and not affilliated with the City of Bellevue)

AIForums Mission:

“to expand our process to include broader perspectives from the community”

AIForums Vision:

“to become the leading grassroots platform for the community to share ideas on immigration”

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