2 thoughts on “Round 4 Survey

  1. Cr says:

    My daughter took this survey at Interlake High school today. Thank you for doing this, its important that you hear from the community.

    However, I wanted to bring to your notice a question on your survey that’s actually not correctly framed. Its Question 8 – Do you currently possess a valid visa to be in the United States? You only need a visa to enter the US – not to stay here. You need to have a legal permit to stay here – whether its a dependent permit, work permit, student status etc.

    And the other problem – if you are a citizen, you do not need a visa to enter the US. (Strangely, that’s the next question). So, question 8 should have been asked only if you are not a citizen.

    1. Andrew Wang says:

      Hi Cr,
      Sorry for the late response; we are just getting to these comments now.
      Thank you for letting us know about these issues. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to change the current survey. We are discussing your points and will take them into account in the future.

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