Karnkumar Dalmia

Karnkumar, aka Karn, is an electrifying and energetic person who is currently a senior in
Interlake’s Gifted High School Program. As part of his internship at City Hall, Karn utilizes his
exuberant personality to outreach for American Immigration Forum. Additionally, he uses his
tech skillset that he gained in the 11th-12th grade Microsoft summer internship program in order to do web-development and data-analysis for AIF.

Aside from school and internship, Karn was a PNS swimmer for Pacific Northwest
Swimming and was a Varsity Athlete for his High School Swim Team. In addition, Karn is a national level qualifier for the DECA club at his school and the Vice President of Technology for the BusinessWeek Ambassador Program.

In his free time, Karn likes to spend time with his family, do outdoor physical activity, or even
turn into a complete nerd by doing linear algebra or multivariable calculus.

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