American Immigration Forums: An Introduction

Mission Statement

To create a leading grassroots platform that addresses immigration issues in the United States in order to promote a fair and prosperous American Dream.

What We Do

The American Immigration Forums are intended to…

  • Be a conversation about national policy and new direction on immigration
  • Provide information on opinions and values of participants
  • Provide information to government and relevant organizations to follow up
  • Communicate the issues, concerns, needs, and contributions to our community of immigrants
  • Provide a platform for the community to share their stories and cultures

What’s in the “meeting in a box”?

What you will find in this box is discussion material for five key recommendations published by the University of Denver’s panel of experts. This includes:

  • The entire University of Denver report and excerpts of the relevant passages
  • Recommendation 7 & 8: Immigration System Reform
  • Recommendation 22: Convertible Visa for Skilled Workers
  • Recommendation 24 & 25: Family Unification
  • Video Background
    • What are the AIForums?
    • Immigration System Reform
    • Convertible Visa for Skilled Workers
    • Family Unification
  • Brochure
  • Survey

After reviewing the background information and videos, please use this information as well as your personal experiences to take a minute and complete the survey. Thank you for your time and your part in helping shape immigration policy.

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